About SR Asia Assurance Services?

About Certification

SR Asia GREAT Certification Program is designed for individuals who want to enhance their expertise, knowledge and  skills in sustainability or integrated report writing or assurance. The main objective of the Program is to facilitate capacity building for professionals and create opportunities for individuals to obtain their professional credentials as a report writer or assuror.

In the Program, participants will experience different learning approaches and methodologies, including class-room presentation, group discussion, exercise, and project. To obtain the certification, participants must follow a number of activities and pass several tests. Certified writers and assurors will have their own accounts in SR Asia GREAT; that differentiate them from those of other certification program.

Benefits from the Program

After joining SR Asia GREAT Certification Program, participants are expected to have the following benefits:

  1. Understand sustainability, social responsibility, sustainable development, and other sustainability-related issues adequately.
  2. Better perception and analytical skills on sustainability context of a company or an organization.
  3. Higher knowledge and skills in communicating sustainability performance of a company or an organization
  4. Gain a professional credential, because SR Asia GREAT Certification Program is an international initiative, not a local one
  5. Differentiation among other professionals or consultants, because only SR Asia GREAT Certification Program offers practical learnings, including in using SR Asia GREAT assurance tool.
  6. Ability to learn and engage with different sustainability reporting principles and standards.
  7. Increase self confidence as a professional writer or assuror.

Certification Type and Level

Scope and Courses

Admission and Requirements

Program Schedule

Downloadable Documents

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