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About SR Asia GReAT

Stakeholders’ pressure and demand on the transparency and accountability of companies’ sustainability performance has been increasing nowadays. In many countries including in Asian region, corporations – most likely the listed and public companies, are encouraged to develop and publish sustainability reports. More than that, stakeholders also expect appropriate and reliable sustainability reporting that can address the companies’ sustainability context, issues and efforts, with assurance from the independent experts on the reports.

The situation previously mentioned above has created a large demand for sustainability writers and assurers in the near future. In Indonesia, for example, as of April 2019, more than 600 listed and public companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange are mandated to start publishing their annual sustainability reports for the reporting period of 2020. To respond the situation, Social Responsibility Asia or “SR Asia” has launched SR Asia GReAT initiative in mid 2019.

GReAT is an acronym of “Global Reporting Assurance Tools”, it is initiated by SR Asia with development basis in Indonesia based on years of experience in sustainability report development and assurance. As the initiative is projected to be an Asian benchmark for sustainability reporting and assurance practices, SR Asia continuously develop SR Asia GReAT in line with the globally accepted sustainability principles and standards. With the touch of information technology, SR Asia GReAT is also expected to deliver a great experience in sustainability reporting and assurance practices for the companies and professional writers and assurers.

SR Asia GReAT Governance

Good governance is the key to build trusts of the stakeholders on SR Asia GReAT initiative. Therefore engagement of academicians, professionals and experts from different countries in social responsibility, sustainability and other related fields is carried out in SR Asia GReAT, with the main objective is to ensure its transparency, accountability, fairness, and independency. In addition, engagement of various stakeholders would maintain positive dynamics and development in the initiative in the long run.

In practice, SR Asia GReAT Executive Board and Executive Officer manage the program operations and activities. SR Asia GReAT Advisory Board Members and Experts provide advises and recommendations for SR Asia GReAT content development and also serve as the juries to the certified-writer or certified-assurer candidates during the final presentation sessions.

List of SR Asia GReAT Board Members and Executive Officer

Statement of Integrity and Independency

It is a mandatory for all SR Asia GReAT Board Members and Executive Officer to sign the Statement of Integrity and Independency. It means that they must, wherever possible:

  • ✔ Minimise potential risks of conflict of interests and provide objective:
    • judgments and conclusions during the final presentation sessions of certified-writer and certified-assuror candidates;
    • inputs for SR Asia GReAT program development; and
    • comments, advices and recommendations for case or dispute settlements, if any, related to sustainability report assurance services, certified program, unethical conduct of certified-writer or certified-assurer under SR Asia GReAT initiative.
  • ✔ Ensure compliance to regulations and perform ethical conduct, as well as implement good corporate governance principles during their work with SR Asia GReAT, including to be transparent and to disclose conflict of interest that may disrupt their abilities to provide objective judgments.

About SR Asia

Social Responsibility Asia, or “SR Asia” is an international networking organisation that promotes social responsibility and sustainable development best practices in Asian countries. SR Asia founder members are duly certified social responsibility professionals trough APO Japan. The history of SR Asia began in 2011, when at that time, after participating in the ISO 26000 Workshop carried out by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), some people initiated the Social Responsibility Asia Network or “SR Asia”, with a vision of “to be a networking organisation that contributes to development of a sustainable Asia”.

Basically, SR Asia is a global voluntary collaboration among individuals and organisations in various Asian countries to promote social responsibility concept, principles and issues in Asia. However, as SR Asia network in some countries have made significant advancements, SR Asia is now present as separate legal entities in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. SR Asia head quarter has been located in India in 2012 up to present, since SR Asia initiative was first launched in 2011. In India, SR Asia is properly assessed and registered by IICA, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the Government of India for undertaking training and related-work to social responsibility and sustainability.

SR Asia closely works with Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Japan and National Productivity Organization (NPO) in the respective countries, and have footprint over ten countries in Asia. SR Asia is also a member of UN Global Compact Network India and United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) Japan. Local government and international agencies such as GIZ Germany, European Union, CBI the Netherlands, UNCRD, IPLA, National Productivity Council (NPC) India, National Productivity Organization Bangladesh, National Productivity Organization Indonesia, and Central Bank of Bangladesh have also supported SR Asia.

The activities of SR Asia focus on two major operational framework: (1) innovation development and (2) knowledge management. As a networking organisation, SR Asia activities may be different from each other, where it depends on sustainability context, necessities and regulations of each country. SR Asia types of activities include learning and training program, community development project, sustainability policy and strategy development, green banking policy development, MFCA implementation, ISO 26000 adoption and implementation, ISO 26000 verification, sustainability report development, sustainability report assurance, need assessment or baseline study, social mapping and stakeholder analysis, impact assessment, and midterm and concurrent evaluation. More details about SR Asia can be seen in http://www.sr-asia.org/

In Bangladesh, SR Asia works intensively with policyholders and organisations to design socially responsible process in the value chain and campaign social responsibility and sustainable development practices. Some projects of SR Asia Bangladesh were green banking policy development and Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) in textile industry. More information about SR Asia Bangladesh can be found in http://srasiabd.org

SR Asia Indonesia has been part of SR Asia network since its establishment phase in 2011 and 2012. At that time, SR Asia activities were managed and operated by PT Aicón Global Indonesia in collaboration with Trisakti Sustainability Centre (TSC).

SR Asia Indonesia Development from 2011 to 2018

In 2015, SR Asia Indonesia successfully organized the SR Asia 4th International Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, in collaboration with various organizations, such as UN Global Compact Indonesia Network (IGCN), Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD), the Atmajaya Christian University, and the Paramadina University. Attended by participants from different countries, the Conference presented speakers from national and international prominent organizations, companies and ministries working on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) issues, including Tata Motors, Unilever Foundation, IBCSD, GRI, IGCN, APO, World Resources Institute (WRI), Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), and the Presidential Staff Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Up to 2017, PT Aicón Global Indonesia still managed SR Asia Indonesia’s activities including sustainability assurance services on behalf of SR Asia. As part of SR Asia development strategy, in 2018, SR Asia Indonesia was established and registered as a separate legal entity with its legal name PT Sejahtera Rambah Asia (SR Asia). One year after, SR Asia Indonesia becomes the basis for SR Asia GReAT initiative development. Information about SR Asia Indonesia can be obtained from https://www.srasia-indo.com/

Downloadable Documents

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