Welcome to SR ASIA GREAT

SR Asia Great is an initiative and a platform of SR Asia to strengthening credibility of the companies in communicating their social responsibility practices and sustainability performance. “Great“ is an acronym of “global responsibility and accountability“ covering three main strategy pillars: assurance, certification, and rating. SR Asia Great program and content are continuously improved in line with years of experience in reporting and assurance work, following the globally accepted sustainability principles and standards.

For Companies

SR Asia recognizes that companies need to enhance the reliability and credibility of their sustainability or integrated reports. Through its assurance service, SR Asia experts analyze the reports and come up with the independent assurance statements presenting opinions and recommendations based on professional and impartial assessment. Having an assurance service with SR Asia, companies also have the opportunities to increase the internal capabilities to come up with a better reporting in the future, in accordance with the applicable reporting principles, standards, and regulations. Click here to find out more about our assurance services.

For Personal

SR Asia recognizes the increasing demand for professional writers and assurors with adequate knowledge and skills in sustainability or integrated report writing and assessment. SR Asia offers opportunities for executives and professionals to fill in the gaps by joining the SR Asia Global Certification Program, consisting of the Level 1-Certified Writer and the Level 2-Certified Assuror. In the Certification Program, SR Asia shares its experience and expertise; and provides course subjects following certain standards, and regulations relevant to the companies' need in sustainability or integrated reporting. Click here to find out more about our certification program.

About SR Asia Great

Social Responsibility Asia (SR Asia) is an ISO9000-certified networking organization of professionals in sustainability and social responsibility in Asia region. Working internationally, SR Asia has been becoming a global hub of knowledge to support the embodiment of prosperous and sustainable Asia.


Under the SR Asia Great initiative, SR Asia offers a set of solutions – assurance, certification, and rating; to the companies in strengthening their credibility in communicating the efforts and achievements toward sustainable development.


Through assurance services, SR Asia utilizes its expertise in analyzing a sustainability report or integrated report of the companies following the particular standards, principles, and country regulations in reporting the environment, social, and governance (ESG) performance.


SR Asia Global Certification Program is designated to strengthening knowledge and skills of sustainability report and integrated report professional writers and assurors. The Certification Program also opens new edge opportunities to serve the companies in communicating their social responsibility initiatives and sustainability performance in more credible and strategic manner.


The Certification Program is well-designed based on SR Asia’s expertise and experience.  The Program engages international experts as members of the Advisory Committee from various countries to provide advise on the subject matters of certification scheme.


To be launched in the future, SR Asia is now developing a rating or index mechanism as a guidelines and benchmark of socially responsible companies based on the globally accepted sustainability principles and standards.