Welcome to SR ASIA GREAT

SR Asia great is a platform that provides the integrated services comprising of SR Asia assurance services for companies and SR Asia certification program for sustainability-report writers and assurers. Launched in mid 2019, SR Asia GReAT utilises information technology, and it is intended to respond nowadays demand for professional and highly qualified writers and assurers for sustainability reporting.

GREAT is an acronym of “Global Reporting Assurance Tools”, initiated by SR Asia with development basis in Indonesia. SR Asia GReAT program and content are continuously improved in line with years of experience in sustainability report development and assurance work, as well as in accordance with the globally accepted sustainability principles and standards.

For Companies

SR Asia recognizes that companies need to ensure reliability and validity of their sustainability or integrated reports. SR Asia would like to support the companies by providing an assurance service that can enhance reliability and validity as well as accuracy and accountability of the reports. Having an assurance service with SR Asia, companies have the opportunities to increase internal capabilities in order to generate better reports in the future, in accordance with the applicable reporting principles, standards and regulations.

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For Personal

SR Asia acknowledges the needs for capacity building programs of the professionals who would like to meet the demand for sustainability or integrated report writers and assurors. SR Asia provides certification programs that offer opportunities for individuals to improve their capabilities and collaborate as professional writers or assurors with SR Asia. Our certification scheme is called SR Asia GREAT Certification Program, consisting of single-level certification scheme for writers and two-level certification scheme for assurors.

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